Monday, March 25, 2013

I haven't written in a while...

Hello again,

Yes it has been a while. This has not been the easiest, stress free beginning to 2013. 

In January, our basement flooded with all the rain we had. Everything was a mess, it was absolutely awful.  We had to call ServPro and they cleaned gallons of water out of the basement.  I think I estimated about 100 gallons over the week of pumping out water. I am not joking. They had to cut 2 feet from the bottom of the sheetrock all around the playroom and my craft room so that it could finish drying and not cause mold.

My oldest ended up with lice. She felt horrible. 

I had a great-aunt to pass away.

In February, our oldest turned 13.  We gave her a Mary Kay glam party and she invited a few friends over to try on some makeup. 

Now it is the end of March.  We have all been sick with the crud.  My father-in-law passed away March 9 and we have made a few trips to Texas.  We miss him very much but he had battled lymphoma long enough. He was ready to go and we know that if we are faithful we will meet in Heaven one day. That is what makes his death bearable. We know he is not hurting anymore.

I just read the last few posts of where I was. Boy, did all of that sound good. Now it is time to get back to it.  I haven't felt really well today so I didn't get back to it.  My husband has been downstairs and working on redoing wiring for the playroom. We are also going to move my oldest daughter downstairs to the craft room our youngest daughter to our oldest daughter's old room, and making a guest room/mommy room in our youngest daughter's old room. Then they playroom will house my exercise stuff as well as games and my books along with a small desk for me to work.  All of this will be happening throughout the rest of the year.  My husband said that his timeline has us ready to begin moving the girls to their new rooms by June. That means he plans to have the wiring run, we have to get someone to sheetrock and float the walls, and then we have to paint, and then get some carpet - I am opting for some berber so we can have some warmth and support for my knees while exercising. So all in all, we will slowly be redoing all of our rooms this year. I wanted to do some work so I guess I can say I am ultimately thankful for the basement flooding because I am getting some projects done that I had wanted to do. I am just beginning to get tired of the mess in my entire home.

Happy 2013!