Saturday, June 23, 2012


We had VBS last week.  I am finally getting the pictures posted. 

Students making their treasure maps for craft time.  This was a map on 11x17 paper that they could color then glued/taped to paper towel rolls and then tied with yarn.
 Students in our fellowship building.
 Our ship (made from a table and two quilting stands, dowel rods and twine). This was used for our snack display.

Our ship with our first nights snack. This was made with blue jello topped with an orange cut in quarters and a construction paper cut in a triangle placed in orange with a toothpick.

Our ship with our telescopes.

Our telescopes.  Made from a simply sandie cookie, an ice cream cone, a mini reese cup, and blue icing.  The surprise inside is m&m's.

Our telescope craft made from a toilet paper roll wrapped in construction paper and a yellow paper cup. It moves!

Our pigs in a blanket snack night.

More snacks

 This was made by one of our members. The anchor was cut from my cricuit and they glued tissue paper to it.  Colored the ship and held in place with a brad.
This is our sand cup night.  We crushed golden oreos and placed in a cup hid a gummy fish inside then used vanilla pudding. Topped with more oreos and an umbrella.

Our last night was ice cream sundaes.

Our other crafts were a compass made from a small paper plate with an arrow and the letters N,S,E,W cut from the cricuit and glued to the plate. A brad was used to secure the arrow.

Our last craft was a treasure chest made from an egg carton.  We took some contact paper and covered the top of the egg carton (where all the words are) so they had a clean slate to start with. Then the students glued jewels to the top of the egg carton. I cut a lock out of cardstock with the cricut and they glued that to the egg carton. 

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  1. Hi Neely! I followed a link from the CoC Minister's Wives page on FB. We did the same VBS this year and had a blast! Love those ice cream cone telescopes. Very clever! I'm following your blog now!