Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days/Schools Out

      Well, it has been three days of the snow and ice and my girls are still at home.  They have played outside off and on for the past three days. As the snow is melting there is more ice so they haven't been able to play outside as much as that first day.  They are definitely getting cabin fever and quite frankly I am a little as well.  I have not had a phone call from the school as of yet so they may be going tomorrow. 

      On the crafty side of the note, I have placed an order of some great new products to play with and as soon as the FedEx truck can make it through all of the snow and ice I will be able to play and start working on some great new stuff. 

       Keep watching as I am trying to make some additions to my blog posts.  Here is what I am considering:
        1. A weekly Christmas card (I do not want to miss out on cards next year).
        2. Stamp of the month artwork (more than just one item).
        3. A Monthly Calendar page (by the end of the year you will have a calendar all complete and ready as
                  a gift to give or keep for yourself).
        4. A challenge of some sort. 

        My plan is to have one of these items a week and then as I have other things post those as well. 

I do not have anything to post as of right now but I hope to have something by the end of this week. 

Happy Snow Days!!!!

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