Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12 Weeks of Christmas

O.k. So where are we?  I completely missed the second posting of the 12 weeks of Christmas. My bad.  The Fall Festival last night was a lot of fun. My girls enjoyed it emensly. I got my hair spray glittered and they had theirs colored.  Well, the color is still in their scalp even we shampooed this morning. I guess we will try again tonight.  It isn't as noticable in the brunette's hair but the blonde well, let's just say it has a pink strip down the middle this morning :).

On to the fun....

On the second week of the 12 weeks before Christmas I created this....
a picture frame using the my acrylix block
and a layout for my family photos. 

Keep checking as I will get caught up this week on the 12 weeks of Christmas and we will be ready to go. 

Happy Creating!

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