Saturday, October 29, 2011

12 Weeks of Christmas

Sorry I have not gotten these on Monday's yet.  I should have a few posts programmed this weekend to help with that. 

Today we are showcasing a star album. These are so fun to make.  You can make these with 9 sheets of cardstock and 2 b&t papers.  These are called star albums because once you put them together you can open them up and they make a star. These can be tied into the star shape to show off your pictures. 

Sorry I cannot seem to get this thing to rotate.

I have all of these made and you can also make them with school colors and put the school initials on the front. Such as: CHS, CMS, BMS, etc. Or you can put the last name of the family or the grade the teacher is teaching.   You can also go red and green and use christmas on the front.  The possibilities are endless.  All of these are for sale at $5.  If you do not live in this area it will be $5 plus shipping.  Contact me today to purchase one of these or make you one. These are great christmas gifts for family, friends, or teachers. 

On the fourth week of the 12 weeks before Christmas I created this....
a star album for my friends,
an event calendar for the year,
a picture frame using the my acrylix block,
and a layout for my family photos.

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