Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Helpful Hint

I do have another helpful hint. Until I go through the day I can 't always think of things.

I have a magnetic shopping list that I keep on my refigerator. I use it to make a list of the things I run out of as I am cooking or whatever. The girls are even good to help me when they need something for lunches, snacks or schools to write it on the list.

Another thing I have done is to type up all the instructions to washing clothes. Rebekah is good to help me with clothes if I run behind. She actually enjoyed it this summer while I was at work. She went to the list, checked the day of what was to be washed and went to it. 

Hannah's chore is dishes. Hannah leaves a lot of dishes all of over the place and doesn't pick up well after herself so we decided she needed to help with dishes. She enjoyed that too. Hannah also needed to learn laundry since she is the one who puts the clean clothes in the bottom of the closet and when I say put your dirty clothes in the laundry the folded clean clothes go in the laundry. I am working on that. I didn't let her work with the laundry because I didn't want to chance her messing up my clothes. I considered letting her do her own but then I didn't want to chance her messing up her clothes so that I had to rebuy. That doesn't help the budget. 

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