Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cradle Roll - Baby Moses

This is my cradle roll Bible Class door.  I got the idea from a group I'm in on Pinterest. Thank you ladies for all of the posts.  This was very easy for me to put together because I had all the parts and just had to find the letters in the workroom.  Having a well stocked resource/workroom is very important.

My Cradle Roll class uses the Palma Smiley curriculum. They change characters/lessons once a month. This month my class will be studying Baby Moses. The bulletin board has Abeka cards with pictures of Baby Moses on the wall. I have 5 of them from Baby Moses with his family to his mom giving Moses back to Pharaoh's Daughter after she had weaned him.

We just finished Creation.  I didn't think to take pictures of that wall and door. I used coloring pages that I had colored and made a collage on my door. Then inside I used the Creation numbers set from Teach Them to Know God bookstore by Teah McWhorter and April Meacham. I love their work and we are slowly purchasing their materials.

I will try to post from now on as I change my doors and bulletin boards.

Happy Teaching!!!

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