Friday, April 5, 2013

2-5 Year Old Bible Class Spring Quarter

This quarter I am priviledged to teach the 2-5 year old Bible Class.  We are using Paul Sain's curriculum journey through the Bible.  I decided to use the play on words of March to make my door.  I found the door pieces in the Scholastic monthly idea books.

For the attendance chart, I kept the music theme and made a music staff.  I found the treble clef in our workroom. It was left over from another class. These were probably found at either the dollar store, walmart, or our education shop.

I always use a Bible page for our Bible stickers.

The bags are from Walmart. I just happened to find them in packs of 3 for $1.  I wrote their names on them and My Bible Bag. Then I purchased the little Bibles so they could begin learning to take their Bible back and forth to Bible class each time they come and have something to put it in and that way they don't have to worry if it becomes worn.  ( Sorry but I can't seem to get the picture to rotate).


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