Monday, July 1, 2013

Daniel in the Lions Den

I wanted to post some pictures of an idea one of our teachers at Antioch, Amanda Pierce,  did for our VBS. She taught Daniel in the Lions Den and used an alcove that is in the room to create the lions den.  She used cardboard boxes and made the entrance and left an opening so that you could walk in.  She then used stone patterned bulletin board paper to cover the cardboard to make it look like a stone den.  Then by using black plastic tablecloths to cover the inside so it would hide the walls.  Her husband painted the praying Daniel and her son Cade, helped her color the poster board lions. This was truly a family work.  I loved this idea and she allowed me to post this.  I want to keep this idea going for further classes.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of all of them working. I thought I did.
Hope everyone is inspired for future ideas for their classrooms for either VBS or Bible classes. 

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