Saturday, August 10, 2013

JEWELS Widow's Spa Day

Wow! Today was an exciting day.  Our youth girls put on a Luau themed spa day for our Widow's.  We had a light luncheon, played a game, and gave manicures to our widow's. All the ladies had a wonderful time. Watching the older ladies and the young ladies bonding and getting to know each other over manicures was just heart warming. I do believe that new friendships and the beginning of lasting bonds were made today.  Here are some pictures from the night before decorating to the spa day.  We gave them lei's (I hope I spelled that correctly) and made a flower for their hair.  The goody buckets were in the theme of a flower. We used Styrofoam cut in half and taped to the bottom of the bucket of a green bucket (grass).  A bamboo skewer to hold the body pouf on top.  We put in some brown shreds (that represented the dirt). The body pouf pink and white represented the flower. The widow's received: a Kleenex packet, an emery board, body lotion, body spray, a facial scrubber, and some peppermint and butter scotch. Bath salts (recipe found on pinterest) were also made in different colors with the sent of cucumber melon and the ladies got to choose which colors they wanted to take home. A candle was the game prize. We had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. The hair flower was made from the flower material confetti that came in the decoration kit from Party City. I added a sparkle with glue dots and then used glue dots to glue the flower to a hair clip. So simple.

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