Sunday, October 10, 2010

Having a Good Weekend

     With my husband on a trip for a lectureship the girls and I are taking it easy.  Yesterday we had fun watching football games and playing clue and dominos.  We had nachos for dinner which my oldest loves. 
      Today, we started the morning off with Bible class and worship service. Of course, it is always good when we get worship God.  We ate lunch with my grandparents and cousins and then came home for a peaceful rest. I took a nap and the girls watched movies, painted fingernails and toenails, and had some art fun. Tonight we are going back to worship services and then to McDonald's probably for supper and then to a Gospel Meeting to hear one of the instructors from MSOP where we were just these past two years.
     Tomorrow, the girls will go to school and I plan on beginning to make a lot of crafts for the Corner High School Theatre arts and craft fair in November while I watch Hubby speak on the computer. You can view him at and click on 13th Annual Lubbock lectures. I am very excited about getting a booth. 
     Hubby should return sometime Tuesday.  :)

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