Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012

      I am sure you have heard many people make resolutions already this year.  I will be making goals this year.  Goals that are easily attainable if I put the effort into the work it will take.  Here is a list of the goals I have made for 2012.

1. Read my Bible all the way through.
2. Lose 15 pounds by July and 15 pounds by December for a total of 30 pounds in a year.
3. I want to learn to crochet.
4. I want to learn to use my sewing machine.
5. I want to make my own quilt.
6. I want to do more cross-stitching.

Yes, this is just a list of what I would like to do but, I tend not to take care of myself or do relaxing things and I seem to be uptight most of the time. These thought out goals will help me to take care of myself and to unwind more and in so doing I can take care of others.

What are your goals for this year? Leave a comment, I would love to help encourage you throughout the year.

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