Tuesday, January 3, 2012


            When putting up decorations or taking something out why can't it go back the way it was before?  I have just finished packing up all the inside decorations and of course it seems that nothing went back the way it had been.  Well, since I have deemed 2012 as the year of me then I guess I am going to begin with organization.  I know saying the year of me seems to be selfish but in all my studies I have learned that I need to take care of me spiritually, physically, and mentally before I can take care of others.  It is like when you are flying, the safety instructions tell you to put your mask on first before you try to help others. Why is that? Well, if you pass out you can't help anyone. So, that is why I have deemed 2012 the year of me.
             Now back to organization.  If you know me then you know that organization has not been my style. I posted a picture of what is my craft space and you can't tell anything about the room.  One thing that I have always wanted was a clean, neat, organized, home. That starts with me. Everyone else seems to have one so why can't I?  My first priority is to God. My second priority is to my husband. My third priority is to my children. My second and third priorities are given to my by God and taking care of them as God would have me is a priority to given to me by God. So, in so doing organizing my house then I will be taking care of me, my family and my responsibility given to my by God.
              So, how will I do this? I am no professional organizer by any means. My favorite tv show on HGTV used to Mission: Organization. They would have an organizer come in and talk with the person about the space and ask questions and then help them organize the space based on their answers.  I have some taped so I will begin by rewatching those.  I also have some books on the subject as well. Here are the books I will be using to get my home they way I want it: comfortable, loving, clean, neat, lived-in, and warm. 

                                   Reclaim Your Life by Vicki Norris (she was on Mission:Organization)
                                   The Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life by Georgene Lockwood

               I have so many rooms and so many ideas I am having trouble deciding where to begin.  My bedroom, my bathroom, my craft space, the kitchen, the laundry room, hall closet, linen closet, the list could go on and on.  I guess since I just unloaded all of the every day dishes and nothing seems to want to go back to its rightful place in the kitchen I will begin there.  This will be a good place because the kitchen is the heart of the home. 
               I will keep you up on my organizing and cleaning adventures. This should be interesting to say the least. HaHa!

               Is organization easy or hard for you? Do you have any organization tips you would like to offer?  Post a comment....


  1. Getting organized is hard for me, but once I give something a "home" I know it safely fits and can be used effectly from I want/expect it to "live" there. I put things back where I find them (but when my boys help put away the dishes it is another story altogether-LOL-as is their laundry!) Personally, I would like a truly organized friend to come help me unpack in TX, and then everything will have a good "home" and I can maintain the organization...I have read articles and books and they all sound SO EASY in gettin organized, but I end up sitting in a huge pile of mess tryi to figure out why it isn't working like it should (never read those books so I might need to!)

  2. Neely, you can also look for books by Emilie Barnes. She does the More Hours in my Day series, and has some really good books about home organization and keeping a "warm" home.

    Also, the FlyLady has some good stuff too (although seriously I can clean just fine without lace-up shoes. I don't even know if I own a pair that laces, aside from my runners.)