Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Moments

     What a great day!  It has been raining off and on today and yesterday. We needed that. Hopefully it will rain even more. The days are turning cooler and it is nice. The girls went to school with a light jacket this morning.  Welcome Fall!! The weather is turning and my throat can tell.  I woke up Saturday morning with a dry, sore throat.  It has just gotten worse over the past two days. I am trying not to talk as much and drink warm drinks.  I love hot chocolate, hot tea, and coffee. What a great excuse to sit and drink a cup! Later I think I will curl up with a good book or movie and sip hot tea for a few.
       I have had a slower day than normal and it has been wonderful.  I am working on my next blog post and making cupcakes to take to Hannah's classroom this afternoon for her birthday.  I will post the Tuesday technique of making your own background paper with stamps tomorrow morning. Stay tuned. 


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