Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life of Christ Review Game for ages 2-5 year old class

I finally finished the review game that I thought up based on the game Candyland.  I needed a review for the 2-5 year old class that was age appropriate. So, I decided to make my own for the teachers to use. This game was quite simple to make now that I have finished a little time consuming when you include coloring but I think it turned out well personally. 

1 piece of poster board
4 different colors of cardstock (you can use more if you would like)

Pictures from different areas of the Life of Jesus ( I chose his birth, Good Samaritan for parables, healing blind man for miracles, picture of Jesus beside tomb for death, burial, and resurrection, and a Bible school teacher and children for the church, and a piece of gold with the word Heaven)

The squares are 2x2 size. The white card pieces are 1 3/4 x 3 with a 1 x 1 or so piece or two pieces. These are the space movers. There are also space movers that have a small colored square and one of the activity pieces on it so they can move to that space. There is a card for each space on the board.
Also, on the board are certain activities for instance: sing Jesus Loves Me, Sing the B-I-B-L-E, You told a parable to a friend so move ahead 3 spaces, then the third space says Tell a friend your favorite parable, then there is one that says You gained your sight so search for the lost coin, etc. ( you get the idea, whatever you studied that quarter).

The character pieces are 2x2 size of the different colors and I only made 8 but you can make as many as you would like. Then I just used clip art pieces from different pieces of the Life of Christ.

Hope you enjoy!

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