Friday, March 2, 2012


          The Bible is a wonderful book of love.  The entire Bible is based on the love of God.  God created man because He loved us.  God created a plan of salvation because He loved us.  God created the Bible because He loved us.  God gave us specific books and chapters in the Bible to help us with understanding and showing our love to Him, to our spouses, to our children, to our family, friends, neighbors and enemies.

           The book Song of Solomon is a love letter from a husband to his wife.  God created woman for man so he would not be  alone and that he would have a suitable help meet (Gen 2).

            First Corinthians thirteen is the greatest chapter on love penned by Paul.  I ask you to read chapter 13 first then go back and read it again inserting your name in the place of charity/love.  This is what this chapter is all about. 
          The first three verses teach us that everything we do should be in love, without it nothing else matters.  Verses 4-8 define the word charity/love and teach us how to love.  Verses 9-13 teach us how to grow in charity/love.  
Love however is ever lasting.  Love will never pass away.  Love is always needed every day.  Love for God. Love for spouse. Love for children. Love for friends. Love for the church. Love for neighbors. Love for enemies.  Love for the lost.
Faith, hope, and love abideth. As all else passes away, these three will abide forever. Faith is personal. Our faith will get us to Heaven. “Faith is no longer faith when it is seen. One day when the Christian finds himself in the presence of God, faith will be replaced by sight.”43
Hope is for an eternal home with God based on our personal faith. Our hope of Heaven comforts us in knowing there is a Heaven and that if we remain faithful we will go to Heaven. “Hope is no longer hope when it is fulfilled. One day in heaven all the hopes and dreams of Christians will turn to reality.”44
          Love is now and forever.  Love is outward. Love is acted upon others. Love is the greatest because “God is love”(I Joh. 4:8).    Our love sustains us while on earth and while in Heaven. “Why is love greater than either faith or hope? Both faith and hope will last until the end of time. Yet each of them are but steps toward the gates of the city foursquare. Love reaches beyond those gates and into the eternal city itself. The perfect law will have led men to prepare to meet the perfect Christ in a perfect home.”43
Paul’s teaching on love is one that every Christian needs to learn.  Love is of God.  Love is for others.  Love thinks about others first and themselves last.  Love puts God and the church in the forefront of his mind so as not to damage any Christian.  Love looks out for each other. Love teaches others about Christ and His church to save the lost so they can have the greatest of the Christian graces: love.  Love that abides forever.


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