Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

     Monday was the first day of no school. We began the day by sleeping in and then having breakfast at Cracker Barrell.  Then we did a little shopping and a lot of cleaning.
      Today we slept in some and then we went to Staples, then to the Galleria for a Carousel ride and train ride. We also picked up a few gifts still on the list, had lunch, and then went to Publix for groceries.  We came home and delivered one of our fruit baskets.  We have made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, brownies are cooling, and the dry ingredients are ready for scones for breakfast in the morning.  A load of clothes are in the dryer and one is folded and put away. 
      I have a movie date planned with dear hubby on the couch as soon as the girls go to bed. 

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