Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Time Management for Christian Women

Helen Young and Billie Silvey

             Looking for a “Christianized” Heloise’s hints or One-Minute Superwoman? Sorry, you just picked the wrong book. But if you’re feeling more like Martha than Mary, try Time Management for Christian Women. Billie Silvey and Helen Young run basic time management principles through a Bible filter to distill excellent advice on doing your best work and being your best self for the Lord.

            You’ll make time for memorable mottos, laugh-out-loud anecdotes, and sold research on:

                      Overcoming habits that kill time
                      Recognizing and using scraps of time
                      Finishing work at the office, not bringing it home
                      Whether or not to accept a volunteer project
                      Being good to yourself

         Time Management for Christian Women is sensitive to the ministry goals of single and married women at different stages of life. Charts, Scripture, questions, and activities for each chapter make this book ideal for both group and individual study.

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