Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookies

So today we are working on cookies for our cookie swap at our Girl Scout Christmas party that is Monday night.  Rebekah decided she wanted to try a new recipe that we got from one of those jar mix gifts books (I love those for gifts).  She wanted to make Yuletide Christmas Cookies.  These are green rolled in red sprinkles.  The instructions said to mix until a soft dough forms and then roll into logs and refrigerate 2 hours.

Does this look like soft dough that can be rolled into a log.  Rebekah and I are uncontrollably laughing as she is trying to scrape the dough off of my hands.  So we decide a plan b. Girl Scouts are always prepared right?  We decide to use a cookie scoop and then top with red sprinkles.  We will see how this works.

Here is the finished product from the soft dough cookie.

Hannah tried the blond brownies with red and green m&m's. We didn't have plain m&m's so we used the ones with peanut butter in them.  This should be really good. Here is her cookie/brownie for Monday night. Not near the mess but we will have these memories forever.

Now we are on to making sausage balls for Hannah's christmas party on Tuesday.  We will have them ready for baking Tuesday morning.  Nothing like getting ahead.

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