Sunday, December 4, 2011

Enjoy the Moment

            Have you been stressed out lately?  Do you remember when you were younger and all you could think of was when I get bigger I will ________ and fill in the blank?  Do you still do that?  I can’t wait until I can drive.  I can’t wait until the holidays are here. I can’t wait until I go to college. I can’t wait until I get married. I can’t wait until I have children. I can’t wait until my children are bigger, or go to college, or get married, or have grandchildren.  What about I can’t wait until the holidays are over?  Or the cold weather is gone? 

What happened to enjoying the moment? The moment is all we have.  God did not promise us an exact amount of time.  We do not know when we will be called home.  Are we going to sit back and waste our time looking forward to something else? Every time we wait for something else we lose that time that we have.  Is that what you want?  We need to embrace our time and enjoy the moment.
             What can you do with the time that you have?  There are a lot of moments to be had and shared.  There is a lot that can be accomplished.  Yes, we need to make sure that we are working for God, and to be there for our families, and spending time with friends.  We also need time for ourselves.  When we rush around doing everything for every one we forget about ourselves and that builds stress, anxiety, and health problems.
Remember to enjoy every moment you have no matter what it brings. Sure, there will be some moments that are not enjoyable. We need to remember those are a part of life.  We also need to remember that we should not wish our lives away. Every time that we say we cannot wait until such and such a time we are wishing those moments away and we will never get that time back.  Do you remember when you were younger?  Now how old are you and what are you doing? Is there something you want to do? Go do it before you lose that time.  Is there something you want to try? Try it before it is too late.  Do you like to sit and drink a cup of coffee?  Do it and do not regret it.  We need all those times in our lives and we need to enjoy the moment.

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