Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

When I was a first year wife at the Memphis School of Preaching the second year wives played the 12 days of Christmas with us.  They left us a little gift each day either at our door or our husbands' box.  It was really fun. This is the list of their items. 

On the ____ school day before Christmas the 2nd year wives gave to me…

 12 Christmas carols
11 Hershey Kisses
10 Tags for Trimming
9 Gingerbreak Men
8 Bows for Wrapping
7 Chocolate pretzels
6 scented candles
5 candy canes
4 chocolate chip cookies
3 cups of cocoa
2 peppermint candies
1 ornament for a tree

I played this last year with the elders here at our congregation and this is what I gave them:

On the twelfth day of the 12 days before Christmas the Dean’s gave to us:

12 chocolate chip cookies
11  peppermint candies
10 Hershey kisses
9 cupcake truffles
8 Reese cup trees
7 bags of trail mix
6 Praline muffins
5 ounces of cheese straws
4 cups of cocoa
3 bags of coffee
2 coffee mugs
And a jar of Southwestern chili and rice mix (This jar mix is one from those books gift from a jar).

This is so fun to play.  I thought I would put this up in case there is any one out there that would like a different idea for the holidays this year.  I also played this the last twelve days of school on my husband for Graduation. I thought it was a fun idea.  I don't have the list of what I will do this year for my elders as I am getting ready to begin thinking of that. 

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